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The Earth and Sustainability at LA Weaver Co., INC.

Earth month may have been last month, but here at LA Weaver Co., Inc., we think the earth should be celebrated and protected every day we live on the planet! In an effort to inform the public of what we do for the earth as well as what the local university here in Raleigh does (NC State), we have made a quiz to test your knowledge of efforts to improve the planet! To reward your efforts, anyone who gets a 70% or higher is eligible to receive a $100 discount on a regularly priced workshop we offer here! Test your efforts and receive more knowledge!

EPA reports issued over the past 15+ years chronicle that paper/poster board and food waste are the two largest components of our nationwide generation of municipal solid wastes. EPA statistics also note that over 50% of paper/poster board waste is recovered through recycling programs, but only 2% of food waste is recovered and recycled.

These two categories of waste, i.e. paper products and food waste, are the two leading wastes in most municipal landfills throughout the United States. Recycling these wastes will prolong the life of our landfills which are extremely difficult to secure approvals and buy-in for siting. The link below will take you to the NC State University Fountain Dining Facilities Food Waste Recycling Program which has been lauded for its management of food waste.

Test yourself and qualify for a reduced entrance fee to one of our ongoing waste management programs. Those scoring 70% or greater will receive a $100 discount for a regularly priced workshop. 919.621.5899

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